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                                     Welcome to IUT Computational Fluid Dynamics

                                     Group Website


 IUT Computational Fluid Dynamics Group in order to encourage the Numerical methods among capable students, especially the bachelor students, launched its activities by participating a group of enthusiastic students from mechanical engineering and chemical engineering departments in 2009

The Main activities of this group are to set up the educational classes, propose and implement the relative research project under experienced professors 

Requisite sources for enthusiastic peoples such as educational booklets, films of numerical method classes, Introducing Books of CFD, some educational codes will be placed in this website.

Also in order to share the experiences among desirous persons in coding, software and other issues related to CFD, we set the forum item.

Finally, We are looking forward your substantial participate in order to improve the website.







IUT Computational Fluid Dynamics Group is a proper site for answering your questions in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Let us know your suggestions and ideas by initiating in it.Enter Forum 




In this section we discuss the related softwares of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

In addition to training some softwares such as CFX ANSYS ، Fluent، Gambit which directly are used to solve the fluid problems, we have introduced some famous program languages.

Enter the training software section

In order to learn the Computational Fluid Dynamics it’s not enough to

just learn the methods and algorithms on paper. This section is prepared for maximum introducing of the implementation of methods and coding, associated with examples and educational learning.

Enter the educational issues

For learning the CFD you can start from here,

The available educational booklets in IUT Computational Fluid Dynamics Group website provide elementary and advanced concepts of CFD as an electronic book which translated in Persian. This section of the website is proper for learning the fundamental and numerical methods in fluid dynamics.Enter the educational booklet section

Welcome to IUT Computational Fluid Dynamics Group, first reference site in Persian. Use IE 8 or other standard browsers to visit the site.